Why Faux Fragrances Can Be Harmful

Buying a counterfeit perfume may seem harmless…until you discover what’s really in that bottle could be toxic chemicals, or worse.

Everyone loves a bargain. So when a friend of mine found her favorite perfume, Red Door by Elizabeth Arden, at a flea market, she was thrilled. But then her gut instinct kicked in, thinking it sounds a little too good to be true, she still purchased the Red Door and a bottle of Chanel No. 5 for $14 each. When she sprayed on the Red Door, it was a little strong and not the same smell she was use to. Putting it on her wrist and elbow crease and a little behind her ear. Later when looking in the mirror, it looked like she was sun-burnt on those same areas she had applied the perfume earlier. Her skin felt extremely hot and a welt was forming on her neck. After an emergency call to her dermatologist and a dose of prescription cortisone, she was fine. She ended up throwing out the so called “bargain” fragrances. Continue reading “Why Faux Fragrances Can Be Harmful”

WEDDING BELLS: Choosing The Right Perfume To Get Married In

Apart from all the glamorous details that correspond with your fairy tale them, your special day fragrance should be a reflection and extension of your personality exalted to its best. Choosing the right perfume should be you, with just a little extra touch showing that this day is more special than any other day. In perfume terms, your signature scent might be too predictable. Even if it is perfect for you, on this day it’s necessary to go the extra mile. Among looking radiant, a subtle twist to your every day fragrance might be just the thing to put the stamp on your beloved’s memory as you share this special day together. Continue reading “WEDDING BELLS: Choosing The Right Perfume To Get Married In”