Intro to Dolce and Gabbana

World renowned perfume designers along with a dominance in the fashion industry. Originally from Sicily, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana originally from Italy are known for their ability to make “stars look like stars”. Their fashion design is about creating the best, flattering clothes than the ongoing changing trends of today. Their exquisite styles are often referred to as eclectic and Bohemia and dressing many well known Hollywood stars like Isabella Rossellini, Demi Moore, Nicole Kidman and Madonna, just to name a few.

Being partners both in life and in business, the pair has conquered the fashion industry by storm. They met while both working as assistants to Giorgio Correggiari in Milan. Soon after he was hired, Gabbana was conscribed to 18 months of mandatory military service. After his return in 1982, they both parted ways with Correggiari and were living together in a very tiny one-room studio in Milan. In October of 1985, they decided to launch their first collection label “Real Women” in the ready to wear show in Milan. Not having any money for models, they asked their friends to help them out. Knowing the funds were low, their friends brought along their own accessories to wear with the clothing during the show. Dolce also brought a bed sheet from home to use as their stage curtain.

The sales from the “Real Women” collection were very disappointing. Gabbana tried to cancel the fabric order for their second collection, but the fabric company did not receive the cancellation notice in time. Dolce’s family stepped in and offered to help pay for the fabric. In 1986 they produced their second collection and opened their first store the same year.

They then expanded their vision to men’s wear and the fragrance world which launched in 1992. By 1997 their company reported a turnover of 400 million euros, to which both designers announced that they planned to retire by the age of forty. The fashion industry, needless to say, is happy they are still going strong.

The duo had made a significant impact on the Italian fashion market. By 1989 they started exporting to other countries such as Japan and the US.

They expanded their creativity design into bridal wear, jewelry, sunglasses and the sports world. Dolce & Gabbana today is worth over 597 million euros. Explore the fragrances of Dolce & Gabbana with our discounted prices. Just use our coupon code to increase your savings beyond the already discounted prices.

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