When you think of fall, what comes to mind? Originally being from Michigan, when I think of fall I typically think of pumpkins, falling leaves, dewy crisp mornings or fresh baked apple crisp. But this fall we will be smelling sandalwood, spiced baked pear, cashmere and many other scents you may associate with fall. I have put together my 2014 Top 12 Fall fragrances that will appeal to all ages and occasions. Continue reading “2014 TOP 12 FALL FRAGRANCES”

Eau de Parfum vs. Eau de Toilette

Sometimes choosing a type of fragrance can be tricky this fragrance review will help you figure it out. It is important to understand the different types of perfume and how they will interact with your skin. As you probably already know, a perfume can smell totally differently in the air at the fragrance counter than when it hits your skin. Our skin, oils and chemistry interact with the different oils in the perfume. This is why a perfume can smell differently on you than on someone else too. Continue reading “Eau de Parfum vs. Eau de Toilette”

Calvin Klein Fragrance History

Calvin Klein… The biggest name in Fragrance

Ask anyone who the biggest names in the fragrance industry are and undoubtedly Calvin Klein is one of the first few names out of their mouth. The key to their sustained success has been in releasing a wide variety of high quality male and female scents. In total FragranceX offers 37 female perfumes and 28 colognes for men. FragranceX also sells a variety of skin care and cosmetic products from CK. Continue reading “Calvin Klein Fragrance History”

What’s Hot – Women’s Perfume

Ladies, we know that you are probably trying to find your scent for Spring/Summer 2014 and we have your back. This article will cover the five scents that are currently flying off of FragranceX’s website. Buying from FragranceX.com will save you up to 80% on these scents, but, beyond that you will have the piece of mind knowing that you are buying a 100% authentic scent and not a cheap knockoff. Ok, so in order, here are the perfume’s that are most popular at FragranceX today:
Continue reading “What’s Hot – Women’s Perfume”

FragranceX Discount Cosmetics

Did you know you can save up to 80% off cosmetic and skincare products at FragranceX? In the make-up section of the FragranceX website brands like Armani, Calvin Klein, Elizabeth Arden, theBalm and much much more. FragranceX literally offers hundreds of different cosmetic brands sortable by popularity, name, and product type. Some of the most popular skincare brands that FragranceX carries include: Clinique, Elizabeth Arden, Guinot, L’Oreal, PurMinerals and more. Continue reading “FragranceX Discount Cosmetics”