WEDDING BELLS: Choosing The Right Perfume To Get Married In

Apart from all the glamorous details that correspond with your fairy tale them, your special day fragrance should be a reflection and extension of your personality exalted to its best. Choosing the right perfume should be you, with just a little extra touch showing that this day is more special than any other day. In perfume terms, your signature scent might be too predictable. Even if it is perfect for you, on this day it’s necessary to go the extra mile. Among looking radiant, a subtle twist to your every day fragrance might be just the thing to put the stamp on your beloved’s memory as you share this special day together.

Another important factor, is considering how your fragrance will mingle with the weather. The conditions and surroundings which you will be subjected to play a big role in which fragrance to choose. Trying to beat a Florida summer wedding with humidity of 100%, you would not want to be wearing a heavy oriental musk that is perfect during the winter. Synchronizing your fragrance with your surroundings is just important and very elegant. You may also want to consider what flowers your bouquet will contain. You wouldn’t want to drown out the delicate scent of roses with an overpowering perfume. Or pair daisies with an elegant chypre.

This is also not the time to experiment with weird scents. Weddings, by their own nature, are considered a conservative occassion. By planning ahead and layering a body cream in a matching scent of your fragrance will make your scent have a long lasting effect. One less item you will not have to worry about on your special day.

Perfume is suppose to enjoyable and make you feel happy, not stressful. Naturally you will want to test samples as soon as you decide on a date. Bring your special someone along for the testing, allowing the perfume to mingle both with both of your sensibilities and your skin. Just like your dress, your fragrance can be revealed on the wedding day.

Congratulations on your special day and may your scented memories last a lifetime together.bride

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